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Celebrate at Mama Rao’s Restaurant & Party Room.
Mama Rao’s Restaurant Party Room, the contemporary Italian restaurant Party Room Located in the Vicinity of Dyker Heights, is redrawing the map for upscale dining in New York City. Since its opening in September 2001, has caused a buzz among serious foodies with our Chefs innovative interpretation of Italian cuisine. Mama Rao’s is more than ever a culinary destination for all seasons – and for all food-lovers.Mama Rao’s is the brainchild of Salvatore Rao, who since 2001 has built it to one of the leading catering centers in the New York metropolitan region.
Though perfectly framed by the décor, it is of course Mama Rao’s food that is the real heart of the experience. For Mama Rao’s our chef has developed a menu that he describes as focused on “creative and classic Italian cuisine.” In practice, this means an emphasis on the freshest seasonal ingredients and a fundamental respect for home-cooking traditions, leavened by some innovative variations, along with taste combinations that, while familiar in Italy, are less common on this side of the Atlantic.
Mama Rao’s extensive wine cellars echo’s the wide-ranging culinary outlook of chef. The restaurant’s wine list includes more than 200 selections from nearly every Italian wine-producing region, along with well-curated offerings from elsewhere in Europe, the Americas, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.Rao and his team are also working hard to make Mama Rao’s a stand-out destination for entertainment and special events. Mama Rao’s Bar provides yet another option for entertainment, with daily drink specials Tuesday – Friday, from 3:30PM to 5PM.
For private parties, dinners and special events, Mama Rao’s can accommodate groups of up to 100 in its exclusive Galileo Room, with all guests treated to distinctive service and uncompromising attention to detail that have made Mama Rao’s a trusted partner for memorable events.

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My family & I have been going here for years. At this point we have tasted everything on the menu more than once! The food is amazing, always fresh, always delicious! I have had dinner here for many holidays & occasions from date night to birthdays to Mothers Day to large catered parties for myself and many family members. Anytime I am asked for a referral of a great Italian restaurant, THIS IS IT! I love the small, family owned vibe, which is so much of the Italian experience, and lacking in so many other restaurants. Sal & Christina are the best, and their staff is wonderful.. friendly, welcoming and very attentive. Home made breads, pastas, and lemon drop cookies are definitely their claim to fame, and they never disappoint.

- Stephan T.

The team at Mama Rao’s helped me plan my husband’s surprise party of 50 people with less than 2 weeks notice! It was so much fun, everyone had a wonderful time. The food was perfect. The steak excellent, the chicken was delicious, and the portions ample. The homemade lemon cookies were out of this world, worth every calorie! I could not thank them enough. We all left with our belly’s full and spirits high. A family favorite!


What a random find!!! The atmosphere is charming and fresh! But it gets better from here the food is authentic and delicious.  The servers are all helpful and kind, they are truly happy to serve you and they have a simple wine selection of all classic whites and reds that pair nicely with your entrees, I highly recommend coming here with a loved one for a quite relaxing date night.  It is a bit small and not made for large families or small children in my opinion 😉


Excellent food, Excellent staff. Attended a Bridal shower…Excellent food and service.

Love the new website and look!!